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Welcome to the home of Being Ponglish, a place of learning and culture, focusing on English and Polish lifestyles. Here you can learn a new skill from a qualified professional, or read more about the life of me, Aleksandra, a Polish girl in England.


Learn a new life skill and find a great hobby learning Polish as an additional language from a qualified and native speaker.  There are a variety of packages available to meet your needs and requirements and make the learning as smooth and fun as possible. Simply select one of the options below to learn more.

About Me & Being Ponglish

My name is Aleksandra, a teacher, violinist, blogger and culture expert from Poland, who has now found a home in the UK with my English husband. I love teaching, and I am currently providing Polish lessons as a foreign language. 

In my spare time I am also blogging and vlogging all about my adventures in England and the mixtures of Polish and English cultures.

With nearly a million Polish people living in England, you can see and feel the mix of Polish and English cultures in towns and cities across the country. Being Ponglish is about the mix of those two civilizations and discovering the unique, dynamic and subtle differences that exist between the two great countries.

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